How To Choose The Best Evaporative Air Cooler For Your Needs?

People use a variety of cooling devices during the summer months: box fans, air conditioners, and evaporative coolers (swamp coolers). Evaporative coolers are less expensive than air conditioners and more efficient than fans.

Because they use a fan, they don’t consume as much energy as traditional air conditioners. They are also cheaper to install and maintain than central air conditioning.

How Do Evaporative Air Coolers Work?

Evaporative coolers use moisture to cool air and push it out through a blower. This allows for ventilation. The pump circulates water through the tank, speeding up the process of evaporation.

The temperature of the coolant drops by as much as 15 degrees during the evaporation process. It is absorbed by panels on the cooler’s sides and blown outwards by the fan at the top.

The Benefits Of An Evaporative Cooler

Energy Efficiency: Air evaporative coolers are more efficient than traditional air conditioners in terms of operating costs. You can save as much as 80% on your air conditioning costs by using a quality evaporative cooling system.

Fresh Air: Evaporative cooling systems require constant airflow to function. Your environment will be filled 100% with fresh air. This cooler will increase indoor air quality and reduce air pollution. Some coolers are equipped with UV filters that remove pollens and bacterial contamination, such as algae.

Environmentally Friendly: Plans have been set up to reduce the use of greenhouse gases. As a result, conventional air conditioners are becoming more costly. Evaporative coolers are green solution that uses minimal electricity and water. They have a lower environmental impact and only use water as their refrigerant. This is not the case for harmful refrigerants which can cause damage to the ozone layer.

Lower Costs: Evaporative cooling systems are less expensive than traditional cooling systems, and they also have lower installation costs. They are also easier to maintain and repair because of their simple design.

What You Need To Know When Buying An Evaporative Cooler?

Measurement Of The Space: This is the most crucial consideration. The space should be measured and then a model must be able to cool it. Consider the model’s energy efficiency and accuracy as well as cost-effectiveness. The best evaporative coolers are not always the most efficient. What matters is how it cools your space.

Your Geographical Position: Evaporative coolers are best used in desert or dry climates. It will make your area more humid if it is more than 60% humidity. It is available in the western and southern regions.

The Size Of The Cooler: Some swamp cooling units can cool an entire roof, while others can cool one room. A small unit will need to be stored in a designated area during winter. You can store smaller models in a closet while larger models need to be kept in a designated area all year.

The Water Tank Capacity: It determines the time it takes to cool down your room. It becomes a regular fan if it doesn’t have water. A multi-gallon tank evaporative cooler can last for many hours without needing to be refilled. If you intend to use the cooler in a limited area or for brief periods, a tank with a smaller capacity is best.

Water Connection: All evaporative coolers use a water tank. You can fill the tank manually or connect it to a water supply to allow for automatic refilling. Tanks that have been manually filled are portable. However, tanks that have been automatically filled are larger. You can place your swamp cooler near a water source if you intend to use it outdoors. If you intend to keep it indoors, make sure that the tank is manually filled.