Read to Know About Different IQOS HEET Tastes

Since HEETs are designed specifically to be used with the IQOS device, new users are advised to try all of the different IQOS HEET flavours. Once you have decided which IQOS HEET flavour you want, you will be able to choose it.

What are HEETs? 

HEETs are a far superior way to consume actual tobacco. The best tobacco leaves are handled and processed to create small tobacco sticks. Rich to sophisticated flavours are represented in the variety.

We will discuss in this post a few top IQOS HEET stick flavours that you must know before you make your final decision.You may also visit the website ofHeated Pro at Heated.Pro to know more.

Amber HEETs:

Amber HEETS is a superbly blended, rich tobacco with subtle woody undertones that has a distinct flavour. Smokers who have recently switched to IQOS won’t enjoy this powerful cigarette flavour. There is a slight “throat hit” at first, followed by plain smoking and nicotine inhalation.

One of the strongest flavours in the assortment of HEETs classics is allegedly found in HEETs Amber Label. The scent of HEETs Amber Label makes it clear how much tobacco is present.

Blue HEETs:

It has a menthol flavour that has been improved and is energising, providing an intense chilling effect. The smokers who prefer Marlboro thick mint are strongly advised to take it.

Sienna HEETs:

With its woody and mild tea aroma, Sienna is a serious calibrated, toasted tobacco blend. Sienna Selection creates a refreshing menthol breeze with overtones of scorching mint.

Turquoise HEETs

Turquoise is a pleasant menthol mixture that is difficult to find. It used to be more in demand than amber. It smells distinctively and has a mild mint flavour. HEETs Turquoise is fantastic in the early stages of the transition to IQOS since it provides an observable TH and a desire for the sensations of a traditional cigarette.

Yellow HEETs:

Yellow HEETS is a flavourful, precisely calibrated tobacco blend. It has fiery undertones while still being a delicate and sweet-smelling tobacco combination. It is the HEETs that don’t smoke. It is recommended for beginners because experienced smokers won’t enjoy the taste because it is so weak.

For smokers who want medium-level tobacco and smoke frequently, HEETs Yellow Selection is the ideal option. The yellow HEETs label’s flavour, according to users, is a touch less potent than amber.

Green HEETs:

Green HEETS has a mildly toasted tobacco flavour that offers a mild menthol cooling feeling that is accentuated by green minty scent elements. The mint flavour of this cigarette is revitalising in contrast to the Marlboro, but it is a little more grounded and impressive.

Sienna Caps HEETs:

The user receives a cooling mint flavour with a menthol blast from a mixture of flavoured tobacco and a faint woody and tea scent. Basically, crush the channel’s tip to give it a menthol flavour for a better taste.

Teak HEETs:

This blend of tobacco is decent and has a silky note. Teak HEETs’ distinctive nutty aroma gives customers a powerful tobacco experience with an unparalleled flavour.

Russet HEETs

This variety of HEETs flavour offers the customer a rich, hot tobacco blend with malty aromas and a strong flavour.