What is XPEL Paint Protection Film and why should you use it?

Automotive paint protection film, surface protection film, automotive and commercial/residential window films, and ceramic coatings are among the products offered by XPEL. XPEL is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing high-quality products, outstanding customer service, experienced technical support, and world-class training.

XPEL has been specializing in paint protection for nearly many years. There are no other brands on the market that are as dedicated as XPEL when it comes to the film’s characteristics. Stone chips, minor abrasions, bug spatter, bird droppings, swirl marks, road debris, and pollutants are all prevented by using XPEL PPF Paint Protection Film, commonly known as Clear Bra, provides peace of mind while driving your automobile – whether it’s to the local stores, a country highway, poorly maintained highways, or even on the racetrack.

XPEL PPF Successes

1. XPEL designed and manufactured their PPF using the highest-quality TPU available.

2. XPEL included a topcoat with a high gloss and clear finish, as well as exceptional self-healing properties. With the first self-healing paint protection film in 2011, XPEL revolutionized the industry.

3. The XPEL acrylic adhesive is so sophisticated that when the PPF is removed, it leaves no residue or causes any damage to the automobile paint.

4. Because XPEL PPF is temperature and UV-resistant, it can protect the paint surface from high-temperature exposure while also preventing oxidation of your original paint.

5. XPEL PPF has excellent anti-corrosion capabilities, acting as a barrier to prevent chemical compounds or corrosive chemicals from contacting the car’s original paint, such as tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, grease, and so on.

6. XPEL PPF has a mechanical strength of over 15 MPa and a tensile elongation of over 200 percent. This means you won’t be bothered by stone chips.

7. XPEL’s DAP system includes the most essential features, including particular car factory prototype data and nearly faultless pre-cut PPF for automobile tailoring. Reduced film stretch is unable to provide the best protection and durability for the PPF. The car data is flawless, with over 120,000+ ready patterns to choose from.

8. With an original product ID that can be validated through approved XPEL installers, XPEL provides a formal way to ensure that the product itself is legitimate. Customers will not be able to purchase fraudulent or counterfeit goods as a result of this. Customers will be given an electronic warranty searchable by XPEL approved dealers. More information is available by clicking here.

9. XPEL creates aftercare solutions in-house that can be utilized before, during, and after installation. (Car paint protection product maintenance)

11. XPEL held a global conference and brought together people from all parts of the world. XPEL announces new product launches, technical skill competitions, and product updates at this conference.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is an enhanced version

The Ultimate Paint Protection Film from XPEL unrivaled durability and clarity, Contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow traditional films are shed by XPEL ULTIMATE due to its low surface energy.

Furthermore, the clear coat contains special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time, removing swirl marks and other fine scratches without the need for additional maintenance.

One of the many reasons for having your car’s paint protected is to avoid scratches. Paint protection films, such as XPEL’s Stealth and Ultimate Plus, have a self-healing property, which means that not only will your underlying paint be protected, but the paint protection film will also mend itself after being damaged.

If your paint protection film has self-healing capabilities and you acquire a scratch on it, leave your vehicle in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes. Your paint protection film will return to its normal shape and fill in any scratches as a result of the heat from the sun. It may take substantially longer if the weather is frigid.