B2B Software Sales Training Brings Meaningful Outcomes

Selling products to B2B customers is difficult and at times feels almost impossible, especially when you are selling software. The real fact about selling software to business is challenging because –

  • Customers are unaware of their wants, so never come in search of you.
  • Customers feel your rates are high and negotiate aggressively.
  • Customers ask for modifying your product, as it does not suit their needs.
  • Customers expect concessions but rarely recommend your product in return.

Sometimes, it seems that selling clothes or edibles is easier than selling software. Relax! You may have the right customer but involuntarily employing an incorrect sales strategy.

How does software training bring meaningful results?

To keep pace with buying process changes and stay ahead, you need to ensure that your software sales team stays agile and strives for consistent improvement. Consistent skill-building is a hard task for a B2B software selling firm.

Fortunately, you can join the selling B2B software training workshop offered by Data Management University. The course is designed to help learners enhance their closure rate along with per sale income. In this digital era, the software is sold and not bought. It means the software developer needs to take an active part in educating, pleasing, and sustaining the buyers.

Learn to create an appealing value proposition

Business to business [B2B] sales is more complex as it involves high-value solutions, a long sales cycle, and several decision-makers. Therefore you will need to learn how to create a compelling value proposition. It means what value your software will bring to the customer.

What is an obvious benefit from your perception may not be understood clearly by your potential customer? They will understand when you communicate why your software is relevant and different from competitors.

At the workshop, learners will learn to create a strong value proposition that resonates, differentiates, and substantiates.

Learn to sell customer-centric solutions not just features

Selling software needs a distinct mindset. Rather than talking about features like speeds and feeds, you require to identify customer’s pain points and recommend a solution to overcome them. When the customer recognizes the value they will get from your software, the seller becomes a trusted advisor. Thus your future cross-selling opportunities increase.

For effective results, a salesperson has to listen, communicate clearly about total ownership cost & ROI, as well as expertly handle the unique objections [related to data ownership, security, and more].

Learn how to overcome buyer’s risk

Risk plays a huge role in customer’s decision-making. Every change accompanies an array of risks. Customers are skeptical and it is natural because many have struggled in the past. It is the task of the software seller to reduce the risk perception and trounce the obstacle.

Learn to be proactive

There are multiple opportunities. Customers make strategic investments frequently. They are keen to switch providers, so approach buyers with a value proposition. Offer them new ideas and insights. You need to perform this proactively. Communication with customers will not be possible easily. You need to start a dialogue and nurture the relationship. Develop this skill via training and enjoy the increasing closure rate!