How to Upload Music to Spotify, Apple Music etc

When it comes to sharing music and earning, you have to use global platforms. These are the world-famous iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and others. However, it is not an easy task to subscribe or use premium services for capturing worldwide audiences. That is why some legitimate online sites help you share music on these global stores. It becomes easy for you if you want to sell music online. There is nothing like a single platform that can connect you with multiple mega stores. Another question people face is how to upload their music.

Create and upload music

The freedom to create unlimited music is a gift. You have the talent, but you do not know how to spread it globally. Thus, you can put your music on iTunes. Or you will want to get your music on Spotify for a large number of listeners. There is an easy way to sell your music on Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, and iTunes. Some online sites are providing music distributing services. So, you will have more freedom to create songs rather than wasting time using multiple platforms. You can sign up with one website to share music.

How it works and how to upload music?

  • It will connect with all trending stores that can popularize your songs.
  • So, the first step is to sign up with any of these websites like MusicDigi.
  • You can make an account in a few steps.
  • Also, it is easy to upload music, cover art, information, and other stuff.
  • After these steps, you can select the store and start sharing music.
  • You will see your tracks listed on the global stores and earn as these sells.
  • So, it is an easy way to get your music on Spotify. Plus, you can sell your music on Amazon.

No limit to publishing

Most of the sites that offer connections with Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, and all other music stores, offer unlimited upload. Thus, you can publish as many songs as you want. There is no time limit also. Plus, your content gets listed on all major music stores like iTunes, etc. Some of these online sites also let you premier songs before the final release. Also, some share these with the premium subscribers of Spotify or Amazon. It helps to create hype and win over fans. You can even get your music on TikTok.

You can manage publishing music using reports and analysis data. Plus, these sites let you own the rights to your created content. Therefore, your songs will play on all digital stores that have global audiences. You can sell and earn monthly.


If you want to be successful selling music at various global platforms, why not use one channel. It becomes easy to manage all sharing media using a single window. You will have all the tools, reports, and data for efficiently promoting and earning. Also, you will have more time to produce music. Channels like Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes require a lot of effort for sharing music online. However, there are music distributing sites that help you use all these channels through a single window.