Avuncular DNA Test is Done to establish the Relation of Child and Distant Relatives

Avuncular DNA test is another name for a DNA test for a child and aunt or uncle. It allows siblings to test in place for father or alleged father. The DNA test is done to verify a biological relationship between the alleged aunt or uncle and the niece or nephew. This type of test between uncle, aunt, and niece, nephew is possible because they all have same genes from biological parents.

Aunt or uncle DNA test of the alleged father can help in telling whether the child belongs to the untested father or the alleged father. When an avuncular DNA test is processed the lab will determine the genetic sequence of the relatives and the child. The Avuncular index will determine the current relation. If the Avuncular index is less than 1.00 then the tested people aren’t related. If it is greater than 1.00, it means the relatives are genetically or biologically related.

The Avuncular DNA test is not only to determine the relation between father and child but this test is also used to determine the relation between niece/nephew and uncle/aunt. Many cases have been reported where after a father’s death, any aunt or uncle pops up claiming for the inherited property from their relatives or niece/nephew. In such a scenario, the case is filed and fought legally. To get an accurate result, an avuncular DNA test is needed to establish a relationship between both parties.

Sometimes families don’t want to disclose the dispute among them. They plan to get an avuncular DNA test at home. This way all tests are done at home without letting anyone else know and the results are also sent in the authorized mail. You just have to apply to the lab and request a DNA sample kit.

The avuncular DNA test cost can be paid online to the lab which also assures faster delivery. The price for a DNA test is not much. The kit is sent through the mail. Each sample kit contains four swabs for each person to be tested. Once collecting the sample, the kit is sent back to the mailing address. Results are given within a week.

PaternityUSA is an AABB accredited and certified lab that provides all kinds of DNA tests. PaternityUSA avuncular DNA test can analyze up to 35 markers whereas other labs can analyze 16 to 24 markers. They have 3,500 labs all over the USA, which makes their labs approachable. Their at-home service will give you the best service and the highest level of accuracy.

How the Uncle/Aunt Relationship with Niece/Nephew is Identified?

Most DNA relationships are established with the number of markers in a test that is identified. If they share more markers the relation is more prominent. If they share fewer markers, the relation isn’t accurate or conclusive. Paternity tests are more accurate than distant relations.

This is because parents and children have almost the same genes, therefore their DNA tests match. However, distant relatives may have the same or accurate DNA tests as the child’s parents, but they may have vague relationship status with the child alone.

To conclude, you may not get definite results by getting an avuncular DNA test. However, the number of markers can establish the relationship between the child and uncle or aunt.