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Reopen Your Business as Per Safety Standards – Use Doormats for Improved Hygiene

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to stand-still due to its deadly nature. Businesses have slowly started reopening with new restrictions such as social distancing and queuing. Businesses have to prepare their workplace suitable to the new safety terms. Dining and drinking are limited only to outdoor areas to reduce the risk of infections.

Customized outdoor mats:

Since many businesses have moved their services outdoors, it is important to have good-quality doormats outdoor to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of falls.  Carpeted workspaces can incorporate social distancing messages in a smart way by customizing their mats. These customized mats effectively promote social distancing instructions.

Unlike stickers that don’t last long, these doormats are long-lasting and don’t require frequent replacement. If you are looking for customized doormats for your business, reach out to Ultimate Mats. They are the leading online manufacturers in the US featuring a wide range of mats with customization options.

Talk to their friendly customer service team regarding customizations. You can also have the mats customized with your business logo. The team would deliver the customized mats at the earliest. Enquire about which of their mats work best for your business needs.

Different types of doormats:

  • Scraper: There mats are designed exclusively to be placed outdoors. The abrasive quality of the mat makes it convenient to scrape dirt off our shoes onto the mat before entering the building. This helps to control the amount of dirt that enters the building. Though made from tough materials, they can also be decorative.
  • Interior mats: Interior mats are good at absorbing moisture and stains. Hence, they are ideal for restaurants and other places which are more prone to spills. Some materials are good at absorbing moisture while some specifically work for oil stains.
  • Anti-fatigue mats: If your business involves employees to stand for long hours, your business would benefit from anti-fatigue mats. These mats are comfortable to stand on helps to lower the pain we feel in our leg extremities after long hours of standing.

Mat features to be taken into consideration:

While selecting doormats consider its size, absorbency rate and durability. Large mats will prevent grime and dirt from spreading out further. It also ensures that the mat is large enough to prevent damp footmarks trailing the floor. Order the right measurements. For mats that are going to be placed outside, ensure its absorbency rate.

Opt for mats made from durable materials so that they last long. The mats shouldn’t slip away when we step on it. It should offer good friction for a long duration. They shouldn’t fade away easily too. Communicate your requirements to the mat manufacturer so that you find the right fit for your business.

Doormats are functional and decorative. They keep your business space neat and tidy. With hygiene being the need of the hour, customers would feel safe visiting your facility which in turns boosts productivity. As a business owner your top priority is to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. Use good-quality doormats to keep infections at bay.