Tips to Help you Choose the Right Cartridge for a Better Vaping Experience

Inhaling light and smooth vapors is an age-old method used to consume certain medicinal or other psycho-active substances. The basic vaping method remains the same while the effect produced solely depends upon the substance that is heated to a temperature so that it turns into a light vapor and does not get to the point of combustion.

There are numerous vape cartridges that you will find in the market these days. So, let us discuss in this article how does different cartridges shape our experience and discuss pros and cons of some of them.

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Type of vaping cartridges

The basic model of cartridges can differ according to the consistency of the substance use. You must not mix a vape that is used to smoke dry herbs and use oil or a wax instead. This will hamper the entire experience and even waste your cartridge as well. However, there are some multi-use cartridges in the market too. Choose what suits you the best.

Vape cartridges are again designed to match different criteria such as:

  • Do you prefer pre-filled ones or you would like empty ones to fill up yourself?
  • What kind of oil is being used?
  • What kind of experience you desire?

Some of the characteristics of different vaping experiences are:

  • Pre-filled ones are easy to use without worrying about grinding and loading.
  • There are one-time use pre-filled cartridges that you can dispose off once its contents are completely used.
  • These pre-filled vape pens are the easiest way to vape if you are new to this community as you need not worry regarding over dosing apart from the ease of use.
  • More experienced users prefer the empty cartridges as they can fill it with their choice of substances in a dosage that they prefer.
  • The viscosity of oils plays a huge role in correct vaping experience.
  • CO2 oils that are processed in high grade winterized process and should be used when u prefer to split the cartridge contents.
  • Distillates need additional thinning agents in order to reach vaping consistency. It is rarely used these days owing to the health concerns with the use of additives.

Tips to enhance your vaping experience

  • Clean your vape pen after every use.
  • Use best quality dry herbs and grind it finely.
  • Experiment with different vaping temperatures to find the correct spot that gives you the experience you desire.
  • Stick to middle temperature ranges as you do not want your herbs to reach combustion temperatures and burn them completely.
  • Pack the grounded bud evenly; do not overfill as it could restrict airflow and at the same time do not stuff less as well.

Your choice of vape pen or cartridges will also vary depending upon the CBD spectrum you wish to use. For a more stoned experience, you might need a high THC cartridge and for health benefits go for a high CBD cartridge.